FETI was established from a department of the Hungarian Research Institute developed the manufacturing technology of high-voltage silicone rubber composite insulators. The main tasks of the Electrical Engineering Group were :

o Develops silicone rubber molding technology,
o develops silicone rubber insulator products,
o develops equipment for FEC’s manufacturing
o and testing the insulating materials for better composite insulator

The Simulation Group of FETI was established at the end of 2000 initialy with 3 members. The group has since grown significantly and currently there are about 20 research-scientist involved in the group’s activities.

Our members have diverse academic background with either a master’s or Ph.D. degree in engineering, (electrical, chemical and mechanical), or science, (physics and computer-science).

FETI cooperates with academic institutes to support its R&D activity. Our academic partners include universities and research institutes such as the Research Institute for solid State Physics and Optics, the University of Szeged among others. FETI has built especially strong cooperation with several departments of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Our main fields are:

o Optics and Photonics
o Electromagnetic simulations
o Mechanical Simulations

The automative industry group was started to develop various products for automotive applications

o development of sensors,
o mechanical, electromagnetic and electronic circuit simulation,
o development of battery monitoring technology